Friday, August 9, 2013

Add new bank account to Google wallet / Android merchant account - Invalid input error for Bank code or Branch code

Recent when I tried to add new bank account into my payout settings linked to my Google Wallet for my Android apps, I got some wired errors. Here is the error and solution. Please note that I am in Australia. But it should work for other countries with similar



Please check out this info through the link below. It states how the bank code is composed.

Here is the solution for Australia developers:
In Australia, BSB number has 6 digits. Forget about swift code if you see something like this. So for developers from other countries you should  be able to figure error out with similar tricks.
  • Bank code = FIRST 3 DIGITS OF BSB
  • Branch code = SECOND 3 DIGITS OF BSB


  1. thanks a lot, useless Google don't even explain what those fields are

  2. thanks mate for this solution,it was driving me crazy,but finally its resolved :)

  3. Just spent half an hour on the phone to my bank hoping to get some info on this. No idea from them. Cheers for this.


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